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PropLogix has come a long way from the Municipal Lien Search company it once was. Now we offer an array of services to help title agents and real estate attorneys do their real estate due diligence. It's all part of our goal to simplify the whole experience for everyone involved. 


PropLogix, originally Professional Lien Search, was started when we realized there was a big gap in the information given to homebuyers before making one of the biggest purchases of their lives. Other lien search companies had been around for a while, but the quality of the searches they were performing left much to be desired. Hence, Professional Lien Search was born.


Two years later, our team grew enough to move into an office of our own. We went from having one employee (Haley Bergamo, now our Director of Client Success) to 10 employees, and we upgraded from handwritten reports to digitizing most of the process with an early version of our original software.


Jesse Biter came on and as our operating partner, he helped skyrocket the company's growth. It was a record-setting year for us. Not only did we get 350% more orders that year, but our staff also grew by 350%. It's also when we stepped up our marketing game and threw our first client appreciation party--which have since become world-famous.


This is the year Tim Healy came on as Chief Executive Officer and we really began to start growing and adding new departments to the company. It was a big year for us because we hit the amazing milestone of 50 employees! Of those 50, we had five dedicated account executives throughout the state to serve our growing number of clients.


What a whirlwind of a year 2016 was! We moved from our small downtown Sarasota location to our current building (which is nearly 4 times bigger than that cramped office). It was also the year we let the world know that we were so much more than just a 'lien search' company and we rebranded as PropLogix. With the new name, we also launched survey ordering. In September of 2016, we were named the 3rd fastest-growing company on Florida's Gulf Coast.


The growth we're seeing this year is more meteoric than ever! So far, we’ve gone nationwide with surveys and payoff tracking, we’ve expanded our office, our sales force has doubled and we're inching closer to breaking the 100-mark for people working at PropLogix. We're excited to share with you what the future will bring.

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Our Core Values ...

At PropLogix Innovation is a core value


At PropLogx exceeding customer expectations is a value

Exceeding Customer Expectations

We value people at PropLogix

Treatment of

We value growth at PropLogix


How we're disrupting the status quo...

We're in this to help people.
We noticed huge gaps in information that was presented to buyers before they made one of the biggest
purchases of their lives. Our team knows that behind every file there is a person, a family, or an investor --
who depends on us to do our job right.

We've got your back.

At Proplogix, we're looking out for you and your clients. You can trust that we are providing
unbiased and accurate information, because we will back it up with our $2 million Errors & Omissions

We're constantly innovating.

From our growing number of services to our proprietary software--our mission is making your life easier and
to protect homebuyers. You've asked for it, it took a while, but we've built this for you.