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$2.4M Building Code Lien Increases by $1,600 a Day


Would you believe me if I told you there is a home in sunny Pompano Beach that has a lien on it so big, it would make your headspin? And it’s growing at a rate of $1,600 every. single. day?

That's what we found last week.  As of February 18, the lien on this home was up to $2,406,500. Undoubtedly, one of the biggest we’ve ever seen. That large sum is the result of eight separate building code violations.

Hidden Building Code Violations Are An Issue For New Homeowners

The buidling code violations include mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and even fencing improvements that were made to the home without getting a building permit.

Each violation is being fined at a rate of $200 a day--so it’s not hard to see how quickly that $1,600 adds up to over $2.4 million over the course of several years. What likely happened in this case is that someone decided to renovate this home without going through the proper steps with the city’s building department and according to the City of Pompano Beach, the owner has still not fixed the problem, which dates back to 2011.  This issue was discovered through our Municipal Lien Search.


A Municipal Lien Search Uncovered This Issue

The reason we’re pointing this out (besides the fact that the lien is for such a jaw-dropping amount) is that this issue would never show up in a title search.  This is an open violation that we're talking about. By definition it cannot be recorded through the court because it keeps accruing fines daily. An open lien will always remain unrecorded and most title searches are only looking for recorded liens. This, friends, is why everyone needs to be ordering a Municipal Lien Search on all files in addition to doing a title search.


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