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5 Reasons People Hate Doing Their Own Lien Searches


I’m sure at one point or another you’ve tried to perform your own municipal lien search. I think it’s fair enough to say most counties do not make it easy on us proactive people just trying to do our due diligence. Speaking from experience as a former analyst, it can be downright stressful trying to coordinate all the moving pieces when it’s crunch time. 

5 Undeniable Reasons People Hate Doing Their Own Municipal Lien Searches

The following reasons are exactly why people gladly let companies like PropLogix jump in and do the dirty work for them. 

1. You have no idea where to request the information from.

Need help with municipal lien search

 If you’ve never done a lien search in a particular municipality, it can take hours just to figure out which departments you need to contact, how to send them the request, which forms to use, how to pay… the list goes on and on. This is a huge headache and can suck up a lot of your valuable time.

2. You have to send things via snail mail and fax.

Sending municipal lien search requests in the mail

You’d think--since it’s 2017 and all--that every municipality would have this information readily available online for the taking. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case by a long shot. Many cities still require you to mail in the request with a check for payment and then you have to wait for them to mail the results back to you. This can be particularly difficult when you have to request your code, permits, and utilities all individually.

3. You've called the department 10x, but no one is getting back to you.

not getting called back by permit department for municipal lien search

There is nothing in the world more aggravating than trying to get ahold of someone and being sent to voicemail over and over. A lot of the municipalities are understaffed in the lien search departments and struggle to keep up with the high volume of requests they receive daily. Quite of a few of these municipalities also hold awkward business hours and are only open for limited times during the week.

4. The department never recieved your request.

municipal lien search request was lost

I can’t count on two hands how many times a municipality told me they ‘never got’ a request.  This happens frequently in places that still handle paper requests. Thankfully, because we track everything through a courier service, they still have to honor our request even if they have misplaced them.

5. You can't figure out which utility company services the property, or if it's on well/septic.

is my property on well or septic?

This can easily become one of the most time consuming parts of the lien search process. Just because a property is located in Broward County does not mean Broward County services the utilities. Even with tools like the GSI Map that will help you identify who services the area, more often than not that information is inaccurate. This can turn into a wild-goose chase of phone calls to different cities. It can also be extremely difficult to identify if a property is on well and septic because sometimes there are no public records showing it is.

Thankfully, we work with counties and cities throughout the nation every day to find hidden property debt that won't be found in the title search. That's what makes us the experts. As a result, we’re able to build rapport with municipal employees and that helps us expedite a lot of these painstakingly difficult and long processes. Keep calm and lien search on. 

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