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[VIDEO] How to Get the Best Experience at a Trade Show


ALTA ONE is almost here! We’ve been preparing for some time now for one of the biggest conferences in the title industry. 

We sat down with Scott Merritt, the Executive Director of the Florida Land Title Association (FLTA), to discuss how attendees and vendors can get the most out of their time at ALTA ONE. There are also a few sessions we’re excited to share a little more about. 

Watch our interview with Scott and read more about getting the best experience at any trade  show. 

How to get the most out of any trade show:

For Attendees

Whether you’re attending for the first time or if you are a veteran, here are some things every attendee should keep in mind.

  1. Come with an open mind - Even if you’re familiar with most of the topics, you might hear something during a presentation that provides a new perspective on an old topic.
  2. Set your goals - Pick sessions with the following questions in mind:
    What do you want to learn more about? 
    How will it help to grow your company? 
    Who are the speakers and who do you want to network with?
    Why does this session matter to your clients and their business?
  3. Study the agenda - Do a little research into who the speakers are and their body of work. If their message resonates with you and if they are approaching a hot topic in the industry with a new perspective, you’ll be sure to benefit from hearing them speak in person. 
  4. Put yourself out there - Don’t forget to let your hair down and loosen your tie a bit. Trade shows and industry conferences are a great place to learn about the latest regulations and technology to affect your work and to get those important continuing education credits, but it’s also a great place to connect and mingle with others in the title industry. 


For Vendors

Here are some things that vendors might want to consider during a trade show.

  1. Stand in front of your table - Sitting behind your table doesn’t generate the positive interactions with attendees that you want. Don’t make them work for your attention. 
  2. Participate - Make the most of the time when there are lulls in foot traffic around your booth by attending and interacting with the educational breakout sessions. This allows you to learn and to become a better resource for your clients when you go back to the office on Monday. Those key takeaways that you provide for those who missed out on the conference will strengthen the trust and authority you have in the industry. 
  3. Be helpful - Yes, you want to talk about your services and products, but make sure the focus is on helping. Get to know them and their challenges one-on-one to see how you can provide solutions. Leverage what you learn in educational sessions to spark conversations and offer helpful advice. Explain how your company is helping attendees move toward implementing the best practices, tools, and technology to accomplish their goals. 
  4. Create genuine connections - You’re at the show to ultimately close a deal, but in order to do that you have to be genuine. As Scott mentions, “It’s all about relationships. This is not the time to cold sell.” The end goal really is to make a connection and build a relationship that will last beyond this one week. 
  5. Be Respectful - Good vendor etiquette can be boiled down to the Golden Rule; treat others the way you want to be treated. 

What can you expect at ALTA ONE? 

Scott mentions a few exciting and important topics that will be the focus of sessions, engagement labs, and keynote speeches at this year’s ALTA ONE. You’ll hear about changes in federal law like TRID and government entities like CFPB and how they will impact your title operations. 

Several associations offer ambassadors that you can connect with beforehand and once you get there. If you’re an FLTA member and only been to a regional conference, Scott will be there as a resource, so this a great opportunity to talk with him and other title agents from FLTA in a different environment. 

As suggested by Scott, the ALTA ONE Attendee list is a valuable asset to help you learn more about your fellow attendees. If you’re going for the first time alone, don’t be afraid to use this resource as a way to contact others.


Some sessions we recommend for title agents

Be sure to check out the full schedule for the 2019 ALTA ONE. There are a lot of topics from the latest technology in title to marketing to company culture. Here is just a small sample of some of the ones we’re excited to learn more about. 


Notable: Texas Title Agents are Rocking with RON

Why attend? Texas was one of the early adopters of remote online notarization. In fact, the MBA-ALTA model legislation that is implemented in the latest states to pass RON laws is largely based off of the legisaltion Texas passed. In this session, you’ll learn from their successes on how to best implement RON in your title operation. 


Engagement Lab: Tools for Effective Consumer Education

Why attend? We know that the title industry is still a “hidden industry” from the average consumer, but that doesn’t mean you and your title company shouldn’t be at the forefront of educating consumers on the value of a homeowner’s title policy. Title agents play a vital role in the closing, and with concerns over wire fraud and even savvy Millennials falling prey to bank fraud, now is the time to prioritize education. This Engagement Lab will provide resources to help you do that. 


Engagement Lab: Everything You Wanted to Know About Digital Closings, But Were Afraid to Ask

Why attend? Danielle Kaiser goes over everything you want to know about digital closings before you jump into it. We’ve had the chance to speak to Danielle for our article on what to expect in 2019, and she had some important insights on how quickly title industry technology is moving. So, if you want to be one of the agents riding the new wave instead of being swept under the current, be sure to attend and get all your questions answered. 

There is a lot more happening this year at ALTA ONE, so be sure to register now! Some of the PropLogix team will be there, so be sure to also stop by our booth and say hello as well. We hope to see you in Austin!

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Amanda Farrell

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