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What is a municipal lien search?


Part of the purpose of this blog is to educate people in the title and real estate industries and their customers about what PropLogix does.

Put simply: we're a title insurance support company. We provide title agents and real estate attorneys with pre and post-closing services for commercial and residential real estate transactions.

But, at conferences and seminars held by underwriters across the state, we still have tons of people come up to our table who admit they aren't doing unrecorded municipal lien searches or (gasp!) aren't really sure what they are. And this is completely okay, but our mission is to change that.

So we thought we'd address questions we hear over and over again--and the first place to start would obviously be this:

What is a municipal lien search?

 It's research on real property done through the county or municipality (city, town, village, etc.) that governs it. A full property report from PropLogix will uncover unrecorded liens, fees, and other issues not found in the public record. These issues are attached to the property and will become the responsibility of the new owner.




What's included in a municipal lien search?

Some of the documents in a municipal lien search include the following:

It's not always as easy it sounds. Some counties and municipalities still use antiquated communications and hold vital records related to a property's financial health in various departments. It's important to have a knowledgeable real estate professional on your side that understands all the procedures on how to access this information efficiently. 

Each of these unresolved issues could mean huge problems for a home buyer if they aren't revealed before closing.  You can find out more about why you need a municipal lien search here.


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Lindsey Gordon
Lindsey Gordon

Lindsey Gordon is the content strategist and video producer at PropLogix. She loves using video and digital media to help educate the title industry and help clients and give the world a glimpse of what it's like to work at PropLogix.

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