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Here's what we learned this Hurricane Season [VIDEO]


Unfortunately, 2017 has been a year of great devastation and destruction from natural disasters. This year was plagued by some of the worst storms, droughts, and wildfires we've seen in many years. 

As a Florida-based company, we've been reflecting on the impacts we felt from Hurricane Irma in September now that the season is officially over (Nov. 30). We braced for the worst and count ourselves as incredibly fortunate that we suffered such minor damage from the storm. 

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That said, when we resumed operations after the storm, we had to deploy our disaster recovery plan to get back up and running safely. In all we were offline for two days and thanks to our DRP, we were able to get back to business. Watch:

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Lindsey Gordon
Lindsey Gordon

Lindsey Gordon is the content strategist and video producer at PropLogix. She loves using video and digital media to help educate the title industry and help clients and give the world a glimpse of what it's like to work at PropLogix.

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