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Why 'Treatment of People' should be a core value


I get a lot of people asking how we have been able to grow so quickly as a company and what the "secret-sauce" is to being successful. I like to point back to having a clear set of core values. I think there's one in particular that really makes almost every other core value easier to come by as a result, and that is focusing on people--or what we call "Treatment of People." If you ask a team member at PropLogix which core value means to most to them, there's a high chance that you'll hear them say "Treatment of People."  

I wanted to share the reasons I've identified after a full career of running whole divisions and companies, managing thousands of people, that make this core value a clear winner.  


1. Unleash Employee Discretionary Effort

Employees who are happy at work are much more likely to give you that extra discretionary effort when you really need it most. This time of year is really a great example of when companies in the real estate industry need 110% from their employees.  As you all know, the real estate industry here in Florida really peaks during the months of March, April, and May and we all can use that little extra from our employees. Happy Employees and a great workplace culture will surely get you that extra effort from your employees when you need it.


2. Improve Service to your Customers

The way you treat your employees will have a direct correlation as to how your employees will treat and service your customers. When you are in the business of servicing customers, you are only as good as your weakest employee. Treating your employees right and taking care of them will ensure even your weakest employee is better at customer service than your competition.


3. Improving your Bottom Line

Employees who feel that they are appreciated, respected and treated fairly at work will be significantly more productive. More productive employees equal reduced cost and improved profitability for your company.


4. Improved Quality

 When you focus on your employees and the culture of your company you will see the quality of the product that your produce improve as employee morale and company culture improves. Time spent on improving your company culture will pay big dividends.


5. Innovation

Employees who feel empowered and appreciated will come up with innovative ways to improve your business. An empowered employee will work at taking out cost and improving services to your customers by finding innovative ways to do their job.


This post is part one in a two-part series about company culture. Stay tuned for next week for 9 Ways to Improve your Company Culture. Hint -- one tip involves keeping it fun. Like this: 


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About Author

Tim Healy
Tim Healy

Tim Healy is the President of PropLogix. He spent more than 30 years with USPS as an officer of the company and more recently was the president of Novitex Enterprise Solutions. He lives in Bradenton, FL with his lovely wife Jayne. They have two grown sons: one lives in Bradenton, the other in the Chicago area.

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