A expensive reason to avoid doing your own lien search

Doing your own lien searches?

We handed a Municipal Lien Search off to a client recently that showed there were no issues. So, it came as a surprise to our client (AND to us) when she found out later that that wasn’t actually the case. There was an issue and it was big -- $33,000 big.

The truth is, we were fully prepared to take on the liability -- because we stand behind our services. However, we needed to dig deeper to figure out how a lien of this size could have been missed. 

But we hadn’t missed it, the municipality just never reported the lien to us. That was little consolation to our client; because even though the municipality made an error, they still expected the lien to be paid.

After several hours of trying to reach a compromise with the municipal employee -- something crazy happened. They tracked down a release of lien which shows that the $33,000 they were going to make someone pay for -- had actually already been paid.

We have super powers when it comes to resolving issues with municipalities. (And by superpowers I mean a LOT of experience and skill.) It’s not a stretch to say that most people going this alone would have lost the battle and their transaction would have surely fallen through.

Do you have any crazy lien stories?? Please share them with us. Together we can ensure buyers have a fantastic buying experience.

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