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If you're like me, you wear a lot of hats. Maybe you coordinate 50 closings a month, manage a team of closers, or maybe you own the whole title company. Chances are your responsibilities don't stop there -- family, friends, social obligations? We all have a lot on our plates and keeping it all balanced is like a juggling act.

Helping to grow PropLogix is no easy task. We have over 100 team members working for multiple departments; Production, HR, Finance, Development, IT, Sales, Marketing, etc. On top of that, I’m building a 97-unit apartment building, I have multiple rental properties around Sarasota, FL and I have a financial stake in many other businesses that often call on me to help. Throw in an awesome wife, four kids and an active social calendar... you get the idea. The only way for me to keep it together is with the help of my supportive family, great team members and technology (and butter in my coffee).

Here are the top 4 tech tools that help make my life easier:

  1. Boomerang. This tool is AWESOME! I have it installed on my Gmail (we use G Suite at PropLogix) and I can set any email to bounce back at a specific time and date. I am big believer in INBOX ZERO. This means keeping your inbox clear. When a message comes in I either: 1) Delete it, 2) Delegate it, 3) Do it (reply) or 4) Boomerang it for when I want it back in my inbox. Furthermore, Boomerang will remind me when someone has NOT responded to an email I sent them. That is VERY useful considering I used to delegate via email and then forget I even asked someone to do something.
  2. Microsoft Outlook. I know what you’re thinking, didn’t you just say you use Gmail? Yes, on my Mac, I use Gmail. However, on my phone, I use the Microsoft Outlook App. It’s fantastic (probably because it wasn’t built by Microsoft, they just bought the company and renamed the app). This app separates my most important emails from the clutter. So, while I’m away from my Mac, I can quickly see what’s most important to me. It works really well! You can find this app in the App Store.
  3. Duet. Duet is an Apple App that works on the iPad. I travel a lot and, while working from my laptop, I really miss the six screens I have in the office (that’s right, 6). So Duet allows me to use my iPad Pro as a second (dual) monitor on my Mac laptop. All you do is plug your iPad in to your laptop’s USB port and launch duet. It’s very simple. You can find duet in the App Store.
  4. Asana. How do you keep 100+ people on the same page? We use Asana. Asana allows multiple people to participate in one project. You can assign various tasks of the project to anyone in the group and, as things are completed, everyone is updated and kept in the loop. At anytime, I can login to Asana and see where we’re at with everything. Beware, if you choose to use Asana, you have to FORCE everyone to use it until they learn to love it. Once they do, it will be an invaluable tool to grow your organization. www.Asana.com

What are your top productive secrets? I’m always looking for a better way to save time, please tell me the things that help make you the most productive. If you have any to share or any questions about mine, email me, jesse@proplogix.com. Happy Closing!


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