PropLogix is fastest growing lien search company in Florida

If we can brag for a second (ready or not, here it comes!) -- we've been growing at an amazing rate. Really, 354% over the past two years.  While we're proud of the growth, we've definitely made a few mistakes and learned a few lessons.

What does 354% growth get us?  It means we're the 3rd fastest-growing company on the Gulf Coast of Florida. That's among the 500 biggest companies around. Needless to say, we're really proud. 

So, what have we learned? 

1. Hire the right people. (Treatment of People)

Do the people you hire fit in with the company culture, are they driven to exceed your customer's expectations?

2. Invest in technology. (Innovation)

This is a big one for us. Never stop trying to solve your customer's problems, or meet their needs, through technology. 

3. Diversify your product offering. (Profitability)

We're on track to double our product line in the next 12 months -- these new services are the ways we can meet your needs. 

4. Maintain one-on-one customer contact. (Exceed Customer Expectations)

A robust team of account executives means our clients stay happy. This way we can give you face to face support and find ways to better serve them. It's not an easy standard to maintain, but we do it. 

Read the FULL article from the Business Observer here. 

By the way, when I say we're excited about this,  we're THIS excited:



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