This week we shared some big news about changes happening at the municipal level for the City of Tampa. They're prepared to start liening for past due utility balances. The truth is, we expect this to be a common trend among those that don't already lien. Here's why:

Municipalities are starting to lien for unpaid utilities.

There are more than 400 municipalities in the state of Florida and each one of them does things differently and HOW they do things can change in an instant.

When I walk into work each day, it's knowing that we have to be vigilant and aware because we're wholly at the mercy of the municipalities. 

This trend is nothing new. 

Counties and Municipalities that don't lien for Utilities are quickly realizing if they lien a property for an outstanding balance, they're way more likely to get paid. This is good news for them, obviously. But it's bad news for people buying property.

People living in Broward County already understand the impact for liens since the county has been putting liens on unpaid utility bills for years. 

Tampa is not unique. 

A little further south of Tampa, Manatee County Utility Department has said they may start to place liens on unpaid utility bills. We haven't seen it happen yet, but just know it's coming and other places are following suit.

And, time for the shameless plug, be sure to CYA and order a Municipal Lien Search on every transaction that comes across your desk.

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