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 You may have seen our email, or something in the news yesterday about the visit of Gov. Rick Scott at PropLogix headquarters in Sarasota. 

Regardless of the politics, for our people, at the heart of this visit was a chance for us to show how hard we've worked to grow our company, service our customers, and provide jobs in our community. 

After being recognized as the 3rd fastest growing company on Florida's Gulf Coast, we've gained attention for adding good paying, professional jobs that range from technology to real estate research. 


I'm really proud to say that in less than three years, we've grown our team to over 60 people employed full-time, with even more part-time or contracted. 

We appreciate support from you, our clients, for helping make all of this possible. If you're curious to see Thursday's round-table conference with Gov. Scott, we streamed it live on Facebook. That video is available below.


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