ALTA Land Surveys

What is an ALTA Land Survey?

An ALTA Survey is named for the American Land Title Association, which has set strict requirements for this type of survey. It is typically used in commercial real estate transactions. This survey is also referred to sometimes as an ALTA/ACSM or ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey -- for the American Congress of Surveying and Mapping, or National Society of Professional Surveyors, respectively. This type of survey is much like a typical boundary survey but with the addition of a strict set of minimum requirements:

American Land Title Association Survey Requirements

  • Building locations
  • Access points
  • Evidence of the use of the property by others
  • Utility features
  • Parking lots and spaces
  • Additional information on the property

It’s important to note that a surveyor will require a title commitment before they can begin the work for this survey, as well as any ALTA Table A options that may be desired. 

Why do you need an ALTA Land Survey?

As previously stated, this type of survey is most typical in commercial real estate transactions and is often considered a standard requirement for a bank to issue financing.

Guide: How to read a land survey


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