Association Estoppels

What is an Association Estoppel?

An association estoppel, sometimes referred to as an HOA certificate, or an estoppel letter, is a complete look at where a property stands with a homeowner’s association, or condo association. It answers questions regarding outstanding assessments, what dues are required and when, if there are capital contributions, or any other financial obligations a buyer may be walking into.

Why PropLogix Estoppels?

You’re working against a deadline, so it’s important that you don’t spend hours tracking down the associations you need information from. That’s why you let us do it. Not only are we ninjas when it comes to getting in touch with associations, we are also really good at getting information back in a timely manner. Ready to be impressed? 
Check out our sample association estoppel report.


Need help resolving outstanding association balances?

Are outstanding association dues standing in the way of you and your closing? We can help you with resolution services. Our partners will negotiate and resolve to clear any issues with the association so your closing can proceed.  Visit our resolutions partner page to learn more.

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