Improvement Location Certificate

What is an Improvement Location Certificate?

An Improvement Location Certificate (ILC) is sometimes referred to as a Surveyor Location Report. It’s important to note that this is not a survey, but a certificate used by mortgage or title companies as a minimum standard of due diligence to assure that the improvements to a property are not encroaching into an easement or beyond the deed lines. Often, this certificate is not to be used by a buyer to add improvements like fences on their property because it does not specifically measure the boundary lines.


Why do you need an Improvement Location Certificate?

Typically these are only used by title insurers and mortgage companies as a means to remove the survey exception from the title commitment - and it’s quicker and cheaper than a full land survey. Additionally, the certificate or report may alert them to potential issues requiring further investigation and a full land survey.

An ILC will reveal the following on a property: 

  • Legal Descriptions - ILCs will confirm the accurate legal description of the property. This is important for underwriting a title insurance policy for the lender and new owner. The certificate will also confirm the correct address of the parcel. 
  • Encroachments - the certificate will confirm the location of buildings and other structures and note any that cross boundary lines or easements. 
  • Easements - the certificate documents and confirms the accuracy of all easements. 
  • Up-to-date survey - the ILC confirms that the survey is current and accurate. Lenders may request a copy of the survey to close on a property. 
  • Fences - the ILC will confirm if a fence exists and if it on or within the property lines. A survey may be required if the certificate reveals 

Guide: How to read a land survey

What's the difference between a Land Survey and an Improvement Location Certificate?

Most Improvement Location Certificates have explicit language stating that they are not be used by the current property or homeowner and that they are only for the use of the title underwriter and mortgage company. Be sure to clarify with homeowners and buyers that a certificate has limited uses for future planning. 

Some homebuyers may think that an ILC will give them enough information to make an addition or build new structures on the property like a fence, but certificates are not accurate enough for these purposes. A homebuyer or current owner will need to order a full survey before planning for such projects. Only a survey completed by a licensed surveyor can establish property lines. Buyers intending to purchase vacant land are strongly cautioned to order a full land survey.

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