Release Tracking

What is Release Tracking?

A title agent or agent-attorney must juggle several tasks during and after a closing to ensure each policy issued reflects a marketable title. Working with a Release Tracking partner means you have one less thing to worry about after closing a file and get back to helping your clients with title work. When your title commitment requires recorded documents to have subsequent recordings, we’ll ensure they are recorded. We don't just track satisfactions for mortgages; we also track HELOCs, Judgments and Liens, and Lis Pendens.

If you're not currently using a release tracking service, download our guide, 7 Reasons You To Be Tracking Every Release.



Why PropLogix Release Tracking?

You know that your job isn’t over after closing day. Those payoffs you sent need subsequent recordings and if something is missed, it can mean a claim for you down the road. We offer flat rate pricing no matter how many satisfactions are recorded and free resolution work if one of the liens isn't satisfied after closing. That’s why letting PropLogix be your post-closing due diligence partner that checks and resolves problems when they arrive saves you time and saves you from liability.

You can learn more about the differences between our services and the competition by downloading our comparison guide.

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