Permit Searches

What is an Open or Expired Permit Search?

This search checks with the municipal building department for any opened or expired permits left on a property. Our report will detail any permits on the property that require attention, as well as next steps for resolution. When neglected, an open or expired permit can cause challenges when an owner tries to obtain permits down the road. There is also potential for open or expired permits to escalate to building code violations and building code liens. 

Why PropLogix Permit Searches ?

PropLogix is the leading expert in closing due diligence. Not only are our research analysts expertly trained in tracking down information and working with municipal departments, each permit search is backed by our $2 million Errors & Omissions coverage, as well as a $2,500 coverage when the municipality misreports information. Permit searches can be ordered separately, or as part of a full municipal lien search.


Need help resolving open or expired permits?

Have you uncovered permit issues on a property? Our qualified partners can make resolution simple by handling it for you. That means you have more time to focus on other tasks and your closing stays on track.
Visit our resolutions partner page to learn more.

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