Property Information Report

What is a Property Information Report?

Commonly known as O&E reports, or Ownership and Encumbrance reports, this service includes a search of the property records publicly available. This report is for informational purposes only and can be especially useful for property investors who are looking to get information about a potential investment property, or lenders who are looking to verify additional loan collateral. This report is in compliance with FS 627.7843 and cannot be used for title insurance purposes. PropLogix offers two options for this service, shown below.

Property Information Report (Current Owner)

A current owner search is an examination of the public property records beginning with the transfer of the deed to the current owner and shows all open encumbrances from that day forward.

Property Information Report (Two Owners)

Just like the above report, but the two-owner report will go back and include a search of the public records beginning when the prior owner purchased the property.

Why use PropLogix for Property Information Reports?

With timely report delivery, interested parties can get accurate property information needed to make sound financial decisions. PropLogix is trusted by real estate professionals to provide the highest standard of due diligence surrounding transactions. We’ve been vetted by the top title insurance underwriters as well as the American Land Title Association as an Elite Provider Partner.

Get more peace of mind by checking for unrecorded debt

A Property Information Report will examine those recorded encumbrances, but any permit issues or utility balances will not be reported. For this information, you will need a Municipal Lien Search, which examines debt that could turn into liens, as well as costly permit problems that will become the responsibility of a new owner.