Special Assessment Search

What is a Special Assessment Search?

Special assessments are charges levied against a particular property that will gain a benefit from a public project. They typically include infrastructure improvements such as new roads, street lights, or sewer, stormwater, and water connections to the municipal supply. This type of charge is not listed in the ad valorem taxes of the property. Some counties will list special assessments on the non-ad valorem tax line of a property's bill, but not always.

In addition to public special assessments, living in a Condo, townhouse or house that is part of an HOA or COA may also see special assessments levied by the private association. This can go toward anything in the community that will improve the general amenities for the residences. This assessment is in addition to HOA fees.


Why PropLogix Special Assessment Searches?

Special assessments can be tricky to track down, but luckily our analysts are very savvy when it comes to this detective work. We also back up our work with a $2 million Errors and Omissions guarantee.

We'll dig beyond the property taxes and locate special departments where assessments may be levied for a particular property. This report will detail if there are special assessments, when they are assessed and if there are outstanding balances. It will also include all pay off information for both recorded and unrecorded special assessments. Special Assessment searches can be ordered as a stand-alone service, or as part of a full municipal lien search.

Curious to see what a special assessment report looks like? Check out our free sample lien search report.

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