Preliminary Title Commitments

What’s a Preliminary Title Commitment?

A title commitment outlines all of the necessary requirements for issuing a title policy, as well as any exclusions to that policy. At PropLogix, we do a thorough search and examination of the property and then our experienced, U.S.-based examiners will prepare a preliminary title commitment that can be reviewed and issued by an authorized title agent of any Florida underwriter. Our preliminary title commitments are prepared with the same care, efficiency, and level of service PropLogix is known for.


What’s included in a Preliminary Title Commitment?

Deeds and other muniments of title Mortgages and liens on the property Judgments and liens on the property owners Pending foreclosure cases Pending bankruptcy Property Taxes Exceptions to coverage such as easements, restrictive covenants, CDD documentation, etc. *
* copies of BII exception documents available upon request

Why PropLogix Preliminary Title Commitments?

Thousands of title professionals already trust us to deliver their due diligence needs because of the level of customer service they receive. PropLogix is also one of few companies recognized by the American Land Title Association as an Elite Provider Partner, determined by a rigorous vetting process.

Working with PropLogix means smaller underwriters have a solution for title searches that don’t involve creating their own costly title plant and allows them to compete with the larger underwriters. It means that independent title agencies can become more scalable rather than handling abstracting in-house, or working with independent abstractor. They can place orders, track delivery, and find title curative help -- all in one place.

We offer underwriters the ability to customize this service by including their logo and creating commitments in their preferred format, as well as delivery straight to the title agent. Or we can offer a full white-label solution where we deliver the customized commitment back to the underwriter to distribute to their agent.