Unpaid Utility Searches

What is an Unpaid Utility Search?

To start, this search will verify which entities service utilities on the subject parcel, including water, stormwater, sewer and trash (where applicable). Our report will detail whether these accounts are in good standing, or if they have any current, or outstanding balances. In addition to the report, in some instances we are able to get a utility ledger that breaks down the utility billing history for the property. 

Why PropLogix Unpaid Utility Searches?

The unpaid utility search can be ordered on its own, but is often included in a full municipal lien search. PropLogix has a team of rigorously trained research analysts who are adept at uncovering property issues related to property utilities. This expertise is also backed by $2 million in Errors & Ommissions coverage, as well as $2,500 protection in reporting agency errors. That means if the municipal department gets it wrong, we've got you covered.  See what an unpaid utility search looks like by checking out our free sample lien search report.

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