Title Reports

PropLogix Title Report Services

Whether you’re a smaller underwriter without the benefit of your own title plant, an investor looking for assurance on your upcoming transaction, or an independent title agency needing a scalable solution for a trusted title report partner, PropLogix has your customized solution.

We offer these title report services:

Preliminary Title Commitments

Property Information Reports (Current Owner)

Property Information Reports (Current and Prior Owner)

Who are these services for?

  • Small Underwriters looking for an alternative to the expense and difficulty of creating a title plant to procure title commitments.
  • Independent Title Agencies looking for a partner with a scalable solution rather than working with independent or internal abstractors for title reports and title commitments.
  • Real Estate Investors who need Property Information Reports (formerly known as an O&E) who need information about existing property encumbrances to make informed property investment purchases. 
  • Lenders who need Property Information Reports to verify additional loan collateral.

Why PropLogix Title Report Services?

  • We’re staffed with experienced title examiners based in the U.S.
  • We can provide customized solutions for underwriters with their format and logo, delivered directly to the title agent.
  • We also offer full white-label solutions.
  • We have been vetted by the American Land Title Association as a settlement services provider for our closing due diligence as part of the ALTA Elite Provider program. 
  • Underwriters, title agents, investors, and other real estate professionals alike depend on our services to meet their due diligence needs with customer service they love.
  • With our suite of services, we eliminate the need to juggle multiple vendors for your ancillary title and closing services.

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