What is included in a municipal lien search?

Find out more about what a municipal lien search is.

Property Taxes 

We give you a snapshot of the three most recent tax years.
We report any delinquent taxes owed, issued tax certificates and provide the current amount due
when applicable.

Special Assessments 

Some municipalities will record assessments through the clerk of the court or list all assessments 
on the tax bill while others hold this information in special departments out of sight of public viewing.
We have years of expertise and rapport with municipalities that require this kind of search. In addition,
our Municipal Lien Search report includes all payoff information for both recorded and unrecorded
special assessments good through 30 days from initial request.

Code Violations and Liens 

Many cities and counties do not record money owed as a result of an ongoing violation. In Florida, code liens
could also go unrecorded in the county clerk of the court. This could lead to potentially $1,000’s of dollars owed
on the property that will not show up on the traditional title search. We provide pay off letters good through
30 days when necessary.

Open/Expired Permit

We obtain a report from the municipality regarding any open or expired permits or fees due as a result of
building code violations. Additional Resolution Services are available upon request.

We report the current balance and liens due to all utility providers who lien on properties for unpaid bills.


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