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  1. Our Vision

    Shouldn’t Buying And Selling A Home Be Simple And Transparent?

  2. Our Vision

    At PropLogix, we’re forging a simple and transparent way for people to buy and sell real estate.

  3. Our Vision

    As it exists today, the process is stressful and fragmented. We think people should have more control and a clearer understanding of what they’re committing to.

  4. Our Vision

    Our goal is to be the resource that helps a consumer confidently navigate the entire transaction and beyond.



Our mission is… Our mission is… to be the most helpful partner throughout the closing process, remembering our duty is protection and at the end of every transaction is a human being making one of the biggest investments of their lives.



Our mission is… Our mission is… to be a company people love to work with and for. We foster a safe environment that supports the freedom to share ideas and make decisions to help customers and execute our vision.



Our mission is… Our mission is… to approach problem-solving with an entrepreneurial mindset, without fear of failure and learning from our setbacks.


What We Offer

A Partnership You Can Rely On

PropLogix is a title support company providing vital due diligence services and software for closing professionals. Using best practices, efficient processes, and providing the best customer service in the industry - we strive to make all aspects of the transaction within our control as simple and transparent as possible.

Our People

Changing Real Estate Together

Join Our Team

“In the time I've been at PropLogix, I have been provided many opportunities to grow as a person and as an employee. Our leadership exemplifies teamwork and cultivates an atmosphere of striving for excellence. I'm thankful to have the opportunity to be a part of this team and impact our community!”

Ayla Pettyjohn
Ramya Francis, Accounting Team

“After being a full-time mom for almost 10 years, I decided to start my career and got hired here as a property analyst. Within 10 months, I got the opportunity to train new hires. And within three years here I am as an Accountant, doing and loving my dream job.”

Ramya Francis

Words We Live By

Remember the Why

To be grounded in our purpose is to remember why we do what we do. We know that by serving title agents and helping them with their jobs, we’re protecting and empowering homebuyers. It's because of the work we do that they can close on time and get peace of mind about their purchase.

Fix the Broken Windows

When we see something that isn't right, we set our mind to fix it. Rather than ignoring the problem and letting it snowball, we hold ourselves and others accountable to improve our work and surroundings.

Teach Me

Humility is important to us because no one is so experienced that they can’t learn something new. That’s why we listen more than we talk. Everyone we encounter can offer us a new perspective, and that’s how we grow.

Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?

To maximize our resources, we’re constantly asking ourselves if tackling a task or project is worth the payoff. The more decisive we are about using our time, the more we’ll have to serve our customers.

“I talk A LOT about turning PropLogix into a billion-dollar company. Lofty? Sure. But we believe in our employees so much that we made everyone a part-owner. The success of PropLogix is quite literally all of our success. If I seem overly enthusiastic, it’s because I get excited about going to work every day to help make it happen.”

Jesse Biter
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Our Origin Story

What started as an effort from two attorneys to make sure buyers were protected from municipal issues not uncovered by a title search grew into a 250+ person company that performs nationwide due diligence and creates technology to aid real estate professionals with helping homebuyers get to closing with confidence.