Title Report Services for Title Professionals, Lenders, and Investors

These reports provide vital information to protect the interests and title rights of homeowners, real estate investors, and lenders.

Current-Owner Search

Also known as an O&E report, is a type of Property Information Report showing any recorded liens from the last conveyance deed.

Two-Owner Search

Another Property Information Report showing any recorded liens going back in the chain of title two owners.

Full Title Report

A comprehensive search of recorded property issues going back in the chain of title according to your state’s required search period.

Dangerous Title Search Practices to Avoid

What’s Included in These Property Information Reports?

The right title report service depends on your specific needs and intended uses. Here is a breakdown of what’s included in each of our Title Report Services. 

Property Information Reports are commonly known as Ownership & Encumbrance Reports or O&E Reports. Property Information Reports include: 

  • Property Ownership Information 
  • Voluntary and Involuntary liens
  • Judgments and property tax information 
  • Modifications 
  • Assignments


We offer two Property Information Reports, Current-Owner, and Two-Owner Search. These are ideal for real estate investors looking for preliminary information to guide their purchasing decisions or lenders managing REO properties. In some cases, title agents may use these reports to create a title commitment for refinance transactions with a traditional lender. 

Current-Owner Search includes: 

  • Last conveyance deed plus any liens and taxes 
  • Includes 24-month chain of title 
  • Pertinent page copies or full copies when available on all documents


Two-Owner Search includes: 

  • Last two conveyance deeds plus any liens and taxes 
  • Includes a 24-month chain of title 
  • Pertinent page copies or full copies when available on all documents


These reports and services are not intended for insurance purposes, instead, the Property Information Reports can be used for:

  • Portfolio due diligence
  • Foreclosure Review
  • Bankruptcy Review 
  • Other Non-insured informational purposes


Full Title Report

A Full Title Report is sometimes required in a real estate transaction with a mortgage. Title agents and agent attorneys use this information to create a title commitment, clear title defects before the sale of a property, and issue a marketable title policy to lenders and homeowners. 

A Full Title Search includes: 

  • Marketable chain of title per each state statute 
  • Pertinent page copies or full copies available on all documents


Additional Services: 

  • Legal & Vesting Deed
  • Document Retrieval
  • Tax Certificates/Reports 


Why PropLogix Title Search Services?

With access to the right records, anyone can do a title search. However, it’s important for homebuyers and real estate investors to understand the additional benefits of title insurance and a professional title search. Many title companies and law firms partner with companies like PropLogix who provide this information to help them issue marketable title policies, protecting a homebuyer’s largest investment.

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