Post-Closing Due Diligence

Release Tracking is part of the post-closing due diligence performed after a real estate transaction by the title agent, but it’s only one small part of an agent’s responsibilities. Voluntary and involuntary liens like mechanic’s liens, Home Equity Lines of Credit, mortgages, judgements require a release or satisfaction to be filed by the lien holder before the sale of the property and the issuance of a new title policy. Unfortunately, not all parties are aware of their responsibility to file the release or sometimes a document is rejected by the county recorder. 

A missed release means the new homeowner inherits a title defect on their property.

Why PropLogix Release Tracking?

guide on 7 reasons why you need to be tracking every lien release mockup

7 Reasons You Need to Track Every Release

Whether you do it yourself or choose to use a third-party like PropLogix, this guide explains why checking the public record for releases is still essential. The post-closing process has grown more complicated. Download this guide to get a deeper understanding of why you need to track every release.