Our Tax Certificate Offering

The closing process differs from one jurisdiction to the next, but some information is consistently requested as part of the title search on the property. A Tax Certificate is basically a tax report on a property. We offer three different types of Tax Certificates:

Basic Tax Certificate

A Basic Tax Certificate is typically ordered when refinancing a home loan.

Full Tax Certificate

A comprehensive property tax report ideal for the purchase of a new property.

Full Tax Certificate with HOA

Includes everything from a Full Tax Certificate with additional HOA information.

What's included in each Tax Certificate?

The Basic Tax Certificate includes:

  • One page summary of general tax information for the current year
  • Supporting documentation from the Property Appraiser or Tax Assessor when made available 


A Basic Tax Certificate is typically ordered when refinancing a home loan. 


The Full Tax Certificate includes:

  • All taxing authorities and jurisdictions governing the property
  • Tax rates
  • How much in taxes are due, if any
  • Payment Schedule
  • Delinquent amounts owed and any related fees (i.e. Tax Suits)
  • If the current owner has any exemptions applied to the property 
  • An estimation of the taxes without exemptions 
  • The current valuation of the property
  • Judgment stage of delinquent accounts and/or final judgment (i.e. settlement, bankruptcy, foreclosure, or tax sale)
  • Payoff letters/amounts for delinquent accounts or Tax Suits
  • Additional research notes when applicable


The Full Tax Certificate with Homeowners Association Information* includes:

  • Everything found in the full tax certificate report and…
  • Contact and general information on any governing private community associations 
  • Additional assessments are obtained if there is no cost
  • Any fees for additional HOA information is notated on the report 


Either the Full Tax Certificate or the Full Tax Certificate with HOA information is obtained for purchase transactions.

*Tax Certificates with Homeowners Association Information are only available in Texas.

The Complete Guide to Tackling Tax Certificates

The Complete Guide to Tackling Tax Certificates

Learn how to understand tax certificates like a pro with this free download