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Software that use PropLogix Services

About Qualia

Qualia is a one-stop shop for every aspect of a home closing, bringing consumers, lenders, title agents, realtors, and all other transaction participants together into one secure, mobile, cloud-based platform to increase compliance, close more transactions, and produce real-time connectivity for everyone.

About RamQuest

RamQuest is unwavering in our commitment to ensure a profound customer experience and continually strive to provide solutions that not just meet, but exceed expectations. But competing in business today is tough, and we know each of our customers also needs the experience we offer to stand with them, support them and back their business. RamQuest brings our entire team of title, technology and business experts to each and every customer engagement.

About E-Closing

E-Closing is the title industry’s premier cloud based title production system. E-Closing is trusted by thousands of title professionals across the country. E-Closing is a powerful tool that can help modernize and streamline any title operation. Whether you are looking to provide better customer service, track business relationships, adopt a paperless environment or manage multiple offices, E-Closing equips title agents with the tools necessary to take their business to the next level.

About Closers' Choice

Closers’ Choice continues as a leader providing closing software & title software to Closing & Title professionals for well over 35 years. Closers’ Choice, utilizing Closers Link, delivers Real-Time data to produce efficient settlements to Settlement Agents, Title Companies, and Real Property Law firms all across North America. Services Gateway is our new service that allows you to, with a simple push of a button, order your file’s requirements. No more logging in, no more passwords, and no re-key of your file’s data.

About Resware

Resware®, developed by Adeptive Software, is the industry-leading title and escrow production platform designed around a customer’s business processes and growth objectives. Collaborating with customers, Resware is tailored to each through smart workflow automation, configurability and partner integrations. With the knowledge of Adeptive’s team of industry experts, Resware provides real-time data insights, eliminates manual steps, and provides an enhanced customer experience for business success.

About SoftPro

SoftPro is the nation’s leading provider of title, closing and escrow software. Offering an award-winning suite of products designed to increase volume and revenue, SoftPro delivers innovative technologies to streamline the closing process. SoftPro has been recognized by the American Business Awards every year since 2007 – winning awards for superior customer service, support and product development.

About SnapClose

SnapClose is a comprehensive title insurance platform for generating settlement documents. Our software allows title agents to collaborate effortlessly, with multiple parties, across the complex real estate transaction management landscape. The SnapClose Family of software products unifies the activities of title insurance agents, mortgage lenders, real estate attorneys and vendors. Users can dynamically monitor every detail and seamlessly collaborate on all aspects of settlement transactions. By enhancing productivity and increasing profitability, we help simplify real estate sales and refinancing transactions.

About Landtech

Landtech provides real estate settlement software and closing applications for the title, escrow, and financial industry. Our suite of software includes Settlement applications, Escrow and Trust Accounting along with Transaction Management Software. Our primary goal is to contribute to the success of our clients by providing state of the art, user-friendly technology, and professional services. We work with all of our clients “one-on-one” to assure the client’s proficiency in using our technology to further their business objectives in the most cost-effective manner.

About DoubleTime

A product of Attorneys’ Title Fund Services (The Fund), DoubleTime is a complete, comprehensive, and flexible closing software package that was designed by experienced closing agents. The Fund has developed integrated solutions to allow real estate attorneys to streamline their practice.