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10 Ways Real Estate Professionals Can Use Video
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10 Ways Real Estate Professionals Can Use Video

The housing market in most states is on an upswing as more governors implement their reopening plans. At the beginning of the pandemic, real estate professionals were scrambling to keep their deals alive amid the uncertainty. Real estate agents who hadn’t thought much about their video marketing strategies began to increase their offerings of video and virtual tours to meet demands, and title agents are leveraging video conferencing tools to complete transactions.

While the virus is far from being eradicated, hopefully, the return to some normalcy doesn’t include abandoning video as a tool to connect with your clients and grow your real estate or title business.

If you’re looking for some inspiration on what kind of videos to make and share on your website and social media pages, here are 10 types of video to try out.


Catch the Eye of Potential Clients with Video on Social

These are the 10 Types of Video every real estate professional should create and share on social media and/or their website:

  1. Testimonial Videos
  2. Education Videos
  3. Industry News Videos
  4. Listing Tour Videos
  5. Neighborhood & City Review Videos
  6. About You Video
  7. About Your Company Video
  8. Personalized Videos
  9. Creative Videos
  10. Live Videos

While some of these examples are well produced, you don’t need to wait on professional editors and equipment to get started on video. Your smartphone works perfectly!

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Video Testimonials









Word of mouth and referrals are the best marketing tools for real estate agents and title agents alike. If you’re looking to grow your clientele, a testimonial is going to be one of your greatest assets. Posting a customer testimonial on social media or your website is a great way to showcase why people love working with you to a whole new audience.

An alternative to this would be utilizing Google Marketing Kit to create quick social media posts that quote your raving fans. You can go with the classic Google Style like the example below or there are tons of other artistic styles to choose from.


Don’t have any reviews on Google yet? Don’t worry, setting up a Google My Business account doesn’t take much time, it’s free, and it’s a great way to leverage local SEO so potential clients find you faster. Once you have the page active, create a link to send recent customers to write reviews!


Educational Videos

Another way to build trust and authority with your audience is to create educational videos that will help them make decisions, provide guidance, or professional development.

Some ideas for your education videos include:

  • Answer a commonly asked question.
  • Give a tutorial or “How to” on a common process during the real estate closing.
  • Compile a top (insert number here) thing to know, do, or avoid
  • Interview with an expert
  • Live Q&A session with your followers
  • Share a story that creates a learning opportunity for others










In this educational video with Corbett “Cor” Donovan, a Realtor in the Sarasota and Bradenton area, he explains why a survey is important to a buyer and uses real-life scenarios to explain why.


Industry News









Every week, Jordan shares the top headlines in real estate and title industry news. For real estate professionals, sharing local news is a great way to connect with your audience and keep them updated. These don’t have to be highly produced videos with motion graphics. Instead just pick up your smartphone, find some good lighting, and hit record.


Listing Tour Video









This is a must for homebuyers now, and COVID-19 has made this type of video even more valuable. In the video above, the Sangers, a husband and wife duo of brokers in the Seattle area walk through a luxury listing. They dive deeper into what works for selling real estate amid the pandemic in one episode of our podcast series.

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Video has become a powerful way to build brand awareness, connect with the right buyers, and close deals. In addition to the listing tours that everyone sees, they also offer Facebook Live Open Houses and personalized 1-to-1 video call walkthroughs.


Neighborhood and City Reviews

People don’t just buy the house, they also buy the lifestyle of the neighborhood and the city. We all know that real estate is about location. In addition to showing the special features of the home in your listing tour video, make a video demonstrating what other amenities and nearby events make a purchase in the area worthwhile.










In the video above, Micheal Saunders & Company teamed up with Visit Sarasota County to create a great video that spotlights Sarasota as a place to not only vacation but to live.


About You Video










People want to get to know you, understand what sets you apart from other professionals in the industry, and get a deeper sense of your personality. Other than testimonials, this is a one of the best ways to build trust with your customers.


About Your Company Video


Another about video that’s a must is one explaining what your company does and the values and mission that motivate employees. This is the perfect opportunity to share your company’s brand story, the why that is at the center of your daily work life.


Personalized Videos









Personalization can be achieved in a few ways with video. You can create videos intended for more than one person with a focused message that resonates with all viewers or you can create a short video for just one person. If you’re still socially distancing or just short on time and too far away for an office visit, use a personalized video to connect with a new client to say thanks or to reach out to old clients to ask how they are doing.


Creative Videos

Video lends itself to creativity and originality. Attention spans are miniscule; three seconds is all you have to get noticed. Moving images compete better against text and still images to grab the attention of the viewer, but you have to give them a good reason to keep watching.









There is a thin line between laughter and pain, and some of the best comedy exploits every day pain points to elicit laughs from those who know and understand, basically they “feel your pain.” In the video from The ResourceTV, the struggle of a Title Escrow Officer working with a particular loan officer is the focus of a humorous video.

On social media, GIFs count as video views and are a great way to expand your page’s reach and engagement as well. They’re also easy to find, create, and share with tools like GIPHY. You can find some examples of relatable GIFs for title agents here.


Live Videos












Any of the ideas listed could be a potential live video. Events are a great opportunity to use this feature on Facebook, especially if there are lots of people there. Stop and ask people to share their thoughts like Dave does in the video above. Be sure to tag the people you talk to, the page of the event organizer, and add any relevant event hashtags.


Get started now

Don’t let perfection be the enemy of good. Done is better than the perfect video you never made. Some of these examples were done by my incredibly talented colleagues, but even if you don’t have an editor on staff, you can still execute these ideas with just a smartphone. Focus on creating a script that will be meaningful to your intended audience. Content is king, and people won’t care if you stumble over a word during a live video or if it wasn’t shot on an expensive camera as long as what you are saying is valuable or entertaining to them.

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