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2023 State of the Title Industry Survey Webinar Recap
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2023 State of the Title Industry Survey Webinar Recap

Mariah McQueen

Amid the challenging landscape marked by high interest rates and scarce inventory, the title industry has experienced considerable discomfort this past year. In our 2023 State of the Title Industry Report, we offer an in-depth look at how title professionals are managing to navigate these turbulent times, with some even finding ways to prosper. 

To delve deeper into this year’s findings, we hosted a discussion featuring our CEO, Alex Eckelberry, and Director of Communications, Lindsey Gordon. This discussion provided insights into the survey’s results, shedding light on the industry’s current state. Below, we give a summary of the key points from the webinar. 

A Little Bit About Our Panelists 

On this year’s panel, we featured our internal team of experts. Leading the discussion was Lindsey Gordon, the Director of Communications at PropLogix. Lindsey’s tenure with the company spans over eight years, during which she has played a pivotal role in surveying and crafting the State of the Title Industry reports. 

Joining her was our CEO, Alex Eckelberry. Alex is a seasoned professional with an extensive background in the technology sector. He brings a wealth of experience to the table with a keen interest in the convergence of technology and real estate, focusing on how this synergy can enhance operational efficiency and productivity. 

Survey Background Information 

The survey, central to our report, delves into the trends and external factors influencing decision-making in the title industry. This comprehensive survey comprises 40 questions, incorporating multiple choice, ranking, and short-answer formats. It garnered responses from 429 industry professionals. 

Notably, 77% of the respondents were female, and a significant majority, two-thirds, were aged between 45 and 64 years, highlighting the aging demographic of the industry and the challenges in attracting new talent. 65% of the participants work for title agencies, with most occupying principal roles such as owners or executives, as shown below: 

The Biggest Concerns

The State of the Title Industry survey revealed that the biggest concern for title professionals, regardless of their role in the company, is the economy and interest rates. Other key concerns include housing inventory and title insurance alternatives. 

Alex Eckelberry addressed the concerns about the economy and interest rates in the real estate sector with a nuanced perspective. He acknowledged that real estate is inherently sensitive to interest rates, and professionals cannot control these external economic factors. Therefore, individuals in the industry should focus on what they can control. 

Despite the challenging environment, Alex advises against excessive cost-cutting. Instead, he suggests adopting a variable cost model to improve efficiency and customer engagement. He stresses the importance of title professionals ensuring that customers are aware of their continued presence and services, especially in challenging times. 

The current downturn is not permanent, and those with experience in the industry understand that it will eventually turn around. As such, title professionals should use this period to optimize business operations in preparation for better times. 

2023 Top Challenges 

The 2023 survey also asked respondents to identify some of the biggest challenges they encounter in their day-to-day roles. The key challenges that title professionals are facing include: 

  • Juggling too many responsibilities: 38% 
  • Unexpected delays: 35% 
  • Finding new business: 34% 
  • Not enough time: 24% 
  • Educating other parties: 22% 

Juggling Too Many Responsibilities 

Title professionals are increasingly feeling overwhelmed due to the multitude of tasks they have to manage. These tasks include preparing for closings, adhering to regulations, and meeting high consumer and real estate agent expectations. The complexity and volume of these responsibilities have made this the top challenge for respondents, a position it also held in the previous year. 

Unexpected Delays 

The second most cited challenge is unexpected delays, which are common in the coordination-heavy role of title professionals. These delays often arise from dependencies on external parties, such as lenders, and can significantly hinder the efficiency of their work. 

Finding New Ways to Generate Business 

For those in higher-level positions within companies, the primary challenge lies in identifying new avenues for generating business. This challenge reflects the evolving landscape of the industry and the need for innovative strategies to attract new clients. 

Educating Real Estate Agents, Buyers, and Sellers 

Another significant challenge is the need to educate various stakeholders, including real estate agents, buyers, and sellers, on the complexities of the title process. This is further compounded by rising consumer expectations, influenced by the convenience and speed of digital services in other sectors. Title professionals are required to balance these expectations with the nature of real estate transactions, which demand thoroughness and careful oversight. 

What Aspects Are Title Professionals Considering Outsourcing? 

Title professionals grappling with the challenge of being overwhelmed by numerous responsibilities are increasingly turning to outsourcing as a solution to manage their workload. The most commonly outsourced services include: 


Despite this trend towards outsourcing, certain tasks remain predominantly in-house, such as Title Curative or Title Clearance and Lien Release Tracking. The respondents identified various benefits of outsourcing. These include the ability to focus on other critical aspects of their closings, reducing liability, and leveraging the expertise of others who might perform these tasks better or faster. 

However, most respondents were concerned about having less control over turnaround times once they outsource. As a way to address this concern, Alex stressed the importance of selecting a vendor who communicates well. He also mentioned how important it is to share with your vendor your closing dates and dates you need services completed by so they can take this into consideration when fulfilling orders.  

Embracing AI in the Title Industry 

In the title industry, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming a topic of both excitement and concern. For instance, while 26% of respondents already use or have considered integrating AI into their closing workflows, many have fears regarding this technology’s capabilities. 

Alex explored sentiments around AI, focusing on its potential and applications in the title industry. He compared AI’s transformative effect to the Industrial Revolution and described it as a force multiplier, similar to giving professionals bionic abilities to enhance productivity and efficiency. 

Alex reassured title professionals that AI is not something to fear but a tool to embrace for its transformative potential. It’s already being integrated into products and systems we use daily and augmenting human capabilities in the workplace. He encourages professionals to experiment with AI, even with simple tasks, to understand its capabilities and advantages. 

Key Takeaway 

The 2023 State of the Title Industry Survey has provided valuable insights into the challenges and evolving dynamics within the industry. From the overwhelming nature of juggling multiple responsibilities to the strategic consideration of outsourcing and the embrace of technological advancements like AI, the survey highlights a sector in flux. 

These findings underscore the industry’s resilience and adaptability in the face of economic uncertainties and technological disruptions. As the industry grapples with these changes, the insights from this survey provide a valuable roadmap for title professionals to adapt, innovate, and thrive in the face of new challenges and opportunities in the dynamic world of real estate. 

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Mariah McQueen Marketing Generalist

Mariah McQueen is a Marketing Generalist at PropLogix who is passionate about protecting homebuyers and enjoys writing about subjects valuable to the title industry. She currently lives in Orlando and enjoys practicing Jiu-Jitsu, traveling, and playing the piano.