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5 Post Ideas to Get More Followers, Fans, and Likes
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5 Post Ideas to Get More Followers, Fans, and Likes

Nikki Goldsmith

As marketers, we know the struggle of trying to find fresh and engaging content to share with your audience. Sometimes the brain-drain is real and trying to be creative can be a painful experience.

The following ideas are meant to inspire you and get your creativity flowing. It’s important to note that these suggestions require creating original content rather than sharing what’s already out there. Whenever you’re posting content that’s original to your company–you’re increasing your chances for engagement (likes, shares, comments, etc.) because people haven’t seen it somewhere else.


Here are some ideas to inspire you and get your creativity flowing:


1. Create & Share a Closing Playlist

create and share a title or real estate company closing playlist

One simple way to set the mood for a closing is a good soundtrack. You can use Youtube or Spotify to create and then share a custom playlist with your Facebook audience. A post like this shows that your company has a personality. Engagement bonus: ask your audience “What would your perfect closing playlist include?” to encourage comments and interaction.


2. Company announcements with Notes

Celebrate youre title company milestones

Did you share your latest press release on your Facebook page by pasting and sharing a link? Facebook has recently redesigned their “Note” feature and it makes your announcements feel much more like original articles. You can write a headline and even add a header image. Instead of sharing a link, it makes it feel like your content is original to Facebook and provides value to visiting your Facebook page.


3. Video introducing a new employee

Introduce a new employee with video

Have a new addition or strategic hire at your company? This is a great thing to share with your Facebook audience and using video is a perfect way to do that. Shoot it on an iPhone or with a fancy camera — it doesn’t really matter, but it should feel personal above all else. This will help your current and prospective clients feel connected with your team.


4. Profile veteran team members

profile veteran team members

It’s important you give shout outs to those people working at your company that put in time and effort to meet and exceed your client’s needs. Make a graphic that includes a picture and mini-bio, or quote. This is especially timely if your veteran employee is celebrating an anniversary with the company.


5. Create and share your own meme

create a meme related to the real estate and title industry


Memes are still a really prevalent part of internet culture and still have the capability to go viral. Instead of doing what everyone else does and share something someone else made, you can easily generate your own with a closing, or real estate related joke. ImgFlip has a simple platform for generating memes.


Happy posting!


Got any awesome tips to share? Tell us in the comments below! 

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Nikki Goldsmith