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How Technology is Changing the Way We Treat Municipal Lien Searches
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How Technology is Changing the Way We Treat Municipal Lien Searches

Zafir Khan

“Would you mind faxing that request over one more time, please?”

It’s the very last thing you want to hear as a municipal lien search analyst. Although it may have you feeling like you’re on a ride with Doc and Marty McFly, we receive requests like this all too often.

Yes – you heard that correctly. 



Many of the municipalities we do business with still operate using actual fax machines. In this era of cutting-edge technology, we have to be equipped to handle all forms of communication, no matter how archaic they may seem. Fortunately we employ a service that converts incoming faxes to email format and vice-versa. But, this definitely paints a picture as to how technology shapes the way we do what we do. On a daily basis, we see the broad spectrum of technology used across the nation through a multitude of avenues.

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These days, we don’t even need to make contact with some local and state municipalities to retrieve the information we need. Thankfully, many use third-party data warehouses such as FRS Data and Conduits that allow us to purchase and obtain the required  information with only the click of a button. Some even allow back and forth communication through their own messaging portals in the instance we need some form of special assistance with our request. This makes our jobs so much easier, and most times, provides seamless integration into our daily routine. As time passes, we find more and more municipalities making the switch to digital warehousing… and boy, are we ever grateful!

Customized technology

At PropLogix, we have an awesome team of developers who have created a proprietary operating system that we can custom-tailor to suit our needs. Municipalities are constantly changing fees and turnaround times. We are able to adjust our data quickly so that our clients receive the most accurate information in an efficient manner. To be honest, our system is the most powerful tool we have, as it allows us to extrapolate data and predict trends in the industry while facilitating all of our operational functions. It also features integration that allows our clients to place orders for our services right through their own closing software.
At the risk of sounding a little too self-promotional — there is no doubt that our system gives us an edge. We see ourselves as a technology company, thriving on the next great technological breakthrough in order to disrupt the status quo and lessen the anxieties of our clients’ real estate transactions. We’re pretty proud of that.

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Zafir Khan Operations Director

Zafir Khan is the General Supervisor of the Lien Search Department at PropLogix. He enjoys inspiring and supporting his team to perform to their best ability and achieve great things. He lives in Bradenton and enjoys spending his time praying, playing with kittens, attending car shows, and racing his car at the local drag strip.