Marketing Strategies for Title Agents with Dean Collura from TitleTap
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Marketing Strategies for Title Agents with Dean Collura from TitleTap

Amanda Farrell

Growing a business in the 21st century means maintaining and growing a digital presence. For some real estate and title companies where agents wear multiple hats and have limited resources, it’s difficult to know where to start even if you have the desire.

In our latest podcast episode of Title Talks, I interviewed Dean Collura, title agent turned marketing consultant and the CEO and co-founder of TitleTap, to talk about the digital marketing strategies that work for the real estate and title industry.

Listen to the interview to learn about the mistakes to avoid, creating the right messaging at the right time, and how to handle working with third parties unfamiliar with the industry’s compliance and security standards.

Social Media and Website Tips for Real Estate and Title Agents

About Dean Collura

Dean is a licensed title agent with ten years of experience in the industry as well as a licensed real estate agent and auctioneer. He’s experienced the struggle of working with vendors who don’t understand the intricacies of the title industry and the compliance requirements when building websites. This inspired the formation of TitleTap. As CEO and co-founder of Title Tap, Dean’s mission is to help his customers experience more success with a professional online presence.

Why should your real estate or title company be on social media?

Dean has noticed a significant increase in activity on social media over the last two years. This increased activity reflects the growing number of people using social media around the world, and many of those people are interacting with businesses.

In fact, one study from Sprout Social shows that 66% of Facebook users Like or Follow a brand on the platform.

While industries still struggle to adjust their business operations around the COVID-19 crisis, owned digital channels like your company’s website and social media pages are a critical place to share important updates with your customers.

Now, the conversation has turned from reasons why your company should be on social media to how to execute a social media strategy.

The challenges of getting started on social media

For busy agents there are lots of hurdles to overcome before they can begin to develop their social media strategy that include:

  • Lack of time
  • Finding the right content
  • Consistency

As the end of the month approaches, posting on social media is quickly thrown on the backburner. While outsourcing these marketing tasks to others makes sense, many title agents are hesitant to do this.

“Part of the concern several have had is that they hired someone who didn’t understand the space.” Dean continues by describing one frantic call he received from an agent who chose to outsource social media marketing. The contractor had posted somewhat explicit content that didn’t reflect her character or the professional tone she hoped to create on social media. She received phone calls from concerned clients who thought her page had been hacked.

I often hear how title is a hidden and misunderstood industry to the average consumer, so it’s not surprising that even marketing experts are confused about how to create the right brand story for a title company.

Setting it up right from the beginning

Social media mistakes can be easy to make, so Dean recommends taking some time to set up accounts correctly so you don’t lose access to important company pages. If you’re appointing an employee to be your company’s social media manager, make sure they are added to the Company Page accounts as individual contributors and that a company email you control is being used to sign up, like

If you don’t set up these accounts for easy access and control in the beginning, it’ll be extremely difficult to change ownership later should the employee leave your company in the future. “If anyone’s ever tried to contact any social platform by phone, it’s literally non-existent,” Dean warns.

Here’s a guide on Facebook’s business manager and one on best practices for creating a LinkedIn Company Page.

“If you are going to hire out and when you do qualify [a contractor], set the parameter and set the tone for what is acceptable content,” suggests Dean.

Listen to the full interview with Dean on Apple Podcasts!

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