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What Title Agents and Real Estate Attorneys Should Post on Social Media To Increase Engagement
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What Title Agents and Real Estate Attorneys Should Post on Social Media To Increase Engagement

Often times we are asked by Title Agents why their social media posts aren’t getting much engagement. In short, the reason is just posting articles by itself is no longer effective.

You need to not only be more creative to get the attention of your readers with what you post, but also ask for them to engage with the post. Since Facebook’s algorithm changed, by default your content only displays to 20-25% of your followers. How they engage with it determines if it will show to 100% of your audience.

Here are 9 ways to grab someone’s attention and get more interaction with your social media posts:

1) Be a Storyteller

People love stories. Use headlines that allude to a story when someone clicks. One example might be “Learn how [Person’s Name] achieved [some fantastic result] without [some undesirable task].”

2) Trigger emotion – Use images with people’s faces.

It has been said that the eyes are the gateway to the soul. Facebook posts and ads often perform better and get more click through if there is a human face on them. So if you want something to be seen, use relevant faces to complement your posts.

3) Tease the post

You can also tease the post by using short casual language like “did you see this?” or “very scary!” (notice no capitalization). Tease the content to elicit curiosity because this is what people naturally do when they share other people’s content.

4) Memes still work well.

Google “real estate memes” or “memes buying a home” to get some memes or use an easy graphic editor like to create your own.

5) Use Video and Facebook Live

Many younger (and older) generations prefer video over reading online. The cool thing about video on Facebook is that you can create special advertising audiences based on the length of time that people watch the video. For example, better prospects might have watched at least 90% of the video versus the ones who only watched the first 3 seconds.

6) Position ads as “resources” not “advertisements”

Social media users are mostly immune to traditional advertisements. As such you need to position your posts and ads as helpful resources or interesting articles, not sales copy. A few examples of how you might do this in the real estate space:

  • The Real Estate Agent – Let me help you find the perfect home you might not find online.
  • The Title Company – Tired of not knowing the status of your closings? See how [Title Company] can keep your clients informed throughout the closing process.
  • The Mortgage Company – This is the simplest way to find out how much home you can afford – The actual amount might surprise you.

Each of these “ads” are positioned to help the reader, not to sell a service.

7) Ask questions

This is a great way to get engagement with your posts. Maybe you post an article on a renovation and ask them to comment on which style they prefer. If you get a lot of engagement, the article will continue to show to your other followers.

8) Use surveys

Similar to asking questions, using embedded polls or surveys can boost engagement from your followers.

9) Comment on other people’s posts

This one is so frequently overlooked. A few times a week, take general interest in what your followers are doing and posting then like, comment, and share their posts.

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Eliot Dill is a co-founder of TitleTap, that helps title agents, real estate attorneys, and other real estate related industries market their services better while keeping them compliant with industry best practices.

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