Ep. 10 Selling Real Estate in a Pandemic

Ep. 10 Selling Real Estate in a Pandemic


Lindsey Gordon guest hosts and interviews wife and husband broker duo, Josie and Ansel Sanger, who are based in a suburb of Seattle. The pair talks about the strategies that do and don’t work when selling real estate during a pandemic.

"It was really up in the air what different people felt comfortable doing." Ansel Sanger, Real Estate Broker


Key topics in this episode:

  • The beginning of the pandemic (1:55).
  • How the pandemic affected buyers and sellers (3:26).
  • Creating more personalized tours and leveraging video (5:55).
  • The positives of restrictions (11:10).
  • Additional requirements from lenders (17:45).
  • Virtual tours (19:30).

Resources and suggested reading:

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Guest: Josie and Ansel Sanger of Sanger and Sanger
Host: Amanda Farrell of PropLogix

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