Ep. 16 How Title Agents Can Stop Business Identity Theft

Ep. 16 How Title Agents Can Stop Business Identity Theft


Andy Pham is a successful entrepreneur with a background in real estate investment and development who fell victim to business identity theft. In this episode of Title Talks, he explains why he decided to create Company Alarm to combat this problem and what title agents can do to prevent LLC theft.


"There are so many victims out there. The police can't even help them because they don't have the resource or the man power to deal with this problem." - Andy Pham, CEO of Company Alarm


Key topics in this episode:

  • Andy shares his harrowing story of immigrating to the United States (2:05).
  • Andy begins a career in real estate (6:00).
  • Andy realizes he is the victim of business identity theft (8:30).
  • How the crooks took out loans against property they didn’t actually own (11:27).
  • The response from the government (15:18).
  • What title agents can do to help (20:00).
  • The trouble with fixing cybersecurity loopholes at the state and municipal level (26:13).
  • What business owners can do to protect themselves (32:00).

Resources mentioned in this episode and suggested reading:

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Guest: Andy Pham of Company Alarm
Host: Amanda Farrell of PropLogix

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