Ep. 61: How to Respond to a Cyberattack Incident
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Ep. 61: How to Respond to a Cyberattack Incident


It seems like we can’t get through a week without news of a massive wire fraud scam or a company falling victim to a ransomware attack. Title Agents and Agent Attorneys are like sitting ducks to fraudsters who are ready to take advantage of your vulnerabilities.

Knowing how to prevent a cyberattack is so vitally important, but so is having a rock solid incident response plan (IRP) so that’s what we’re focusing on in this episode.

Our two expert guests areTom Cronkright, title agency owner and security expert (CertifID) and John Kosogof, attorney and the VP of Underwriting and Claims for The Security Title Guarantee of Baltimore.

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Guests: John Kosogof, Esq., The Security Title Guarantee Corporation of Baltimore
Tom Cronkright, CertifID Co-Founder, and Sun Title CEO

Host: Lindsey Gordon, PropLogix