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18 Great sources a title company should follow and share on social media
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18 Great sources a title company should follow and share on social media

Amanda Farrell

It doesn’t matter what your company does, if you aren’t on social media platforms, you are losing out on building brand awareness and generating new leads. In a recent blog, I discussed strategies to grow your title company amid unpredictable regulations. One of the rules of social sharing is the 4-1-1 rule. The idea is that for every one piece of your own content you share, like a blog article, you want to share one piece of sales-related content, like a promotion for your services, and four pieces of content from other sources.

If you’re still not sure that social media is important for B2B marketing, take a look at these statistics.

If your title company is struggling to find relevant content to share with your current and potential clients, don’t worry.

Here is a list of news sources you should be following to help you curate the perfect mix of content that mortgage lenders and real estate agents will love:

Trusted Title Industry Authorities:

1. October Research
2. American Land Title Association
3. Fidelity National Title Group
4. WFG National Title Insurance Company
5. Old Republic Title

News that Real Estate Agents will Love:

6. National Association of Realtors

Mortgage News:

8. Mortgage News Daily

Commercial Real Estate and Tech:

9. CREtech
10. Propmodo
11. Real Estate Tech News
12. Techcrunch
13. Forbes Real Estate Investor Newsletter

Something for Everyone:

14. Inman
15. CNBC
16. Housing Wire
17. Real Estate Daily
18. The Real Daily


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Other tips to follow to beef up your social media game:

Set Google alerts on keywords

Every day around 3 p.m., I get a flood of email alerts from Google Alerts with fresh headlines related to specific real estate industry topics I’ve hand-picked.

Setting Alerts is simple to do if you have a Gmail account. Sign in to your account and follow the instructions here. You can follow alerts for competitors, see any articles that mention your business name, and pick words and phrases related to your services and products. If you want Google to match an exact phrase, be sure to put quotation marks around it.

If you want to cut down the number of emails sent to your inbox, you can click on the cog next to “My alerts” to have all the alerts sent in one email as a digest and pick the best delivery time for you.

Setting Google Alerts

For those of you using Outlook or another email service provider for work, you can set the alerts in your Gmail account and create a filter to automatically forward Google Alerts to your work account. Here is a guide on how to create rules to filter your emails.

Share local news related to your market

This industry is all about relationships. In order to build stronger ties with those who do business with you, you’ll want to know what local and state issues affect their work. Sharing that news and adding your commentary will help real estate agents, lenders, and other real estate professionals know that you are paying attention and understand their pain points.

More than doughnuts and swag (which everyone loves, but every other title company gives away), the professionals you work with want to know that you are a trusted authority in the industry.

Due to the fragmented and complex process of real estate transactions, the most important thing a title agent can do during a closing is to communicate effectively and give trusted guidance.

Get personal & make it fun

Share your success and personal stories. Don’t be afraid to infuse your personality into your social media accounts.

LinkedIn is a place to connect with other business professionals, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay buttoned-up the whole time. This article demonstrates how people crave that personal touch, and it can be good for your bottom line, too! Building your brand and trustworthiness means building relationships. So, share your success and personal stories with your followers!

Facebook is perfect for quizzes and photos of your events. Instagram was made for sharing photos of your happy customers at closing and your staff enjoying a holiday office party. Twitter is great for quick updates, breaking industry news, and polls. You can use polls to tap into trending topics, ask lifestyle questions that tie back to your business and ask for feedback that help your business strategy.

So, is your title company sharing useful and engaging content on social?



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