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5 Strategies for Strengthening Relationships with Real Estate Agents
For Title Agents

5 Strategies for Strengthening Relationships with Real Estate Agents

Mariah McQueen

In the intricate dance of the home buying process, title agents and real estate agents assume critical roles, working hand in hand to ensure a seamless and successful transaction. The key to achieving this lies in their ability to collaborate effectively and communicate seamlessly, always prioritizing their homebuyer’s best interests.

In this blog, we will explore strategies to improve the relationship between title agents and real estate agents. From fostering open lines of communication and providing timely updates to demonstrating expertise and delivering exceptional customer service, we will delve into actionable tactics that can help you establish yourself as a reliable partner to real estate agents.

1. Offer Quick Response Times

Real estate agents appreciate quick turnaround times, especially when they are working on time-sensitive transactions. They heavily rely on efficient communication with title agents to keep transactions on track, address client concerns, and ensure a seamless closing process. By prioritizing quick response times, title agents can demonstrate their commitment to exceptional customer service and build trust with real estate professionals.

Even if you don’t have an immediate answer, acknowledge the receipt of their message and provide an estimated timeline for when they can expect a more comprehensive response. This proactive approach reassures real estate agents that their needs are being addressed and helps avoid unnecessary delays.

Establish Clear Communication Channels

Ensure that real estate agents know the best ways to reach you promptly. Clearly communicate your preferred methods of communication, whether it’s through phone calls, emails, or even dedicated communication platforms. By setting clear expectations, real estate agents will feel confident that their messages will be received and attended to promptly.

It is also equally important to understand their preferred communication channels as well. In our interview with Corbett Donovan, real estate professionals prefer someone willing to pick up the phone rather than email.

“30 seconds on the phone can make them feel they are very important to you” - Corbett Donovan


Of course, this depends on the real estate professional so it’s always a good idea to understand their preferred method of communication.

Set Realistic Expectations

Be transparent about your availability and response times. Real estate agents will appreciate knowing when they can expect a response from you, even during busy periods. By managing expectations effectively, you can maintain open lines of communication and avoid unnecessary frustration or misunderstandings.


2. Provide Exceptional Customer Service

To provide exceptional customer service, title agents should prioritize clear and regular communication with their clients, including providing regular status updates and anticipating real estate agentss’ needs before they even ask. By keeping real estate agents informed throughout the transaction process, title agents can alleviate any anxieties and ensure transparency. 

Additionally, take the time to build genuine relationships with real estate agents. Remember important details about their personal and professional lives, celebrate their achievements, and maintain a friendly and personable demeanor. People are more likely to work with those they trust and feel a connection to

Real estate agents not only care about how you treat them but how you treat their clients and that starts by creating a memorable closing experience for the homebuyers. This can include creating a celebratory atmosphere during the closing and providing educational resources beyond the sale. This not only enhances the homebuyers’ experience but also leaves a lasting positive impression


3. Maintain Compliance and Quality Standards

Real estate agents recognize the value of working with title agents who prioritize compliance and quality. Title agents who prioritize maintaining high standards in compliance and quality not only uphold their professional responsibilities but also strengthen their relationships with real estate agents. Here are some ways title agents can uphold these standards:

  • Regularly review local, state, and federal laws that pertain to real estate transactions
  • Attend industry seminars, webinars, or workshops to stay informed about changes and updates
  • Establish protocols for thorough document reviews, proofreading, and verification of information to minimize errors and omissions
  • Utilize Lean Six Sigma standards in quality assurance


By implementing these strategies, title agents can maintain compliance and quality standards, earning the trust and confidence of real estate agents. 

4. Offer Training and Education

Educating beyond the sale is something that real estate agents love to see from title companies. 

Title agents have a unique opportunity to offer training and education to real estate agents, showing them that you are proactive and invested in their success. This can include:

  • Sharing informative content, such as blog posts, articles, or guides, that can help realtors stay informed about title-related topics or industry trends 
  • Creating a newsletter or email updates to regularly share valuable insights.
  • Offering personalized updates: Send personalized updates on specific transactions, highlighting key milestones or important information. 
  • Hosting educational seminars or webinars: Organize educational events focused on title-related topics that would be of interest to realtors and lenders.


Providing educational resources helps empower real estate agents, while promoting industry expertise and collaboration and positioning you as a trusted advisor and resource.


5. Collaborate on Marketing Efforts

By combining expertise, networks, and resources, title agents and real estate agents can create a powerful marketing synergy that benefits both parties. Opportunities to collaborate on joint marketing initiatives include:

Social Media Campaigns: Plan and execute joint social media campaigns where both the title agent and real estate agent promote each other’s services. This can involve sharing each other’s content, featuring success stories, or giving shout-outs to one another. By leveraging the power of social media, you can reach a wider audience and amplify your marketing efforts.

Joint Seminars or Workshops: Organize joint seminars or workshops on topics related to real estate transactions, title insurance, or legal considerations. These events can provide valuable education for homebuyers and sellers while showcasing the expertise of both the title agent and real estate agent. Each party can invite their respective networks and share the event promotion efforts.

Networking Events: Coordinate and host networking events where title agents and real estate agents can mingle with potential clients, other industry professionals, and local community members. This can include happy hours, meet-and-greets, or industry conferences.

Co-Host Webinars or Podcasts: Collaborate on hosting webinars or podcasts where you discuss relevant topics related to real estate transactions, title insurance, market trends, or homebuyer/seller tips. This allows you to showcase your expertise and provide valuable information to a broader audience. You can alternate hosting duties or invite each other as guest speakers to diversify the content.


By implementing these strategies, title agents can work with real estate agents seamlessly, ensure homebuyers are satisfied, and position themselves as a trusted partner in the title industry.

Better yet, satisfied real estate agents are more likely to recommend a title agent they trust, which can contribute to the growth and success of the title agent’s business. Learn more by reading this blog that dives deeper into what real estate agents look for in a title company.


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