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How to Write a Press Release that Increases Business
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How to Write a Press Release that Increases Business

Lindsey Gordon

I was drafting the press release for an upcoming announcement (more on that very soon) and I realized that many people in the real estate and title industries may not realize how powerful a press release can be for a company’s growth. Since we’re always trying to help make your life easier, I thought I might give a few tips.

Press releases are great. Besides getting you media coverage, they provide three major benefits:

  1. Build name recognition in your geographic area
  2. Establish your company as an authority in your industry
  3. Increase SEO/Drive people to your site

For people who have never drafted a release, it can seem really daunting–but it doesn’t have to be. In my past life as a journalist, I received hundreds of press releases each week and there are certainly best practices to follow to boost your chances of being seen and helping your business:


make the press release as newsworthy as possible

1. Make it (as) Newsworthy (as possible)

One problem most people have with press releases is thinking that everyone should be interested in what they have to say. You have put your message into perspective of what it means for your target audience. Why should they care?

  • Example: Title Company Opens New Office in Daytona Beach
  • Better: Title Company Now Handling Real Estate Closings in Daytona Beach

Keep this in mind when writing a headline and the entire release.


Get others to proofread your press release


2. Get Others to Proof and Give Feedback

The whole purpose of sending a press release is to build your reputation. You don’t want it to give the impression your company is sloppy. Show it to (at least) two other people to have them proof-read and give feedback on the message. It’s too important not to give this proper attention.


Distribute your press release


3. Distribute it FAR and WIDE

You can always use a wire service like PRNewswire, PRWeb and MarketWired  — which is the best way to get your name out there — but it’s going to cost you several hundred dollars to send a single release.

A cheaper option? Send it directly reporters or editors at real estate publications, or local news outlets. The Title Report is a trusted title industry publications that often picks up releases and publishes stories online. Start building a contact list of reporters, editors, etc. of those.

Plus, be sure to share it on all your social media accounts–share it on relevant Facebook and LinkedIn groups, too!


And guess what! We’re offering a free Press Release Template to help you get started! Download that below!

I know it can be daunting to get started — so if you have questions, feel free to send them my way:

Otherwise, Happy Writing!


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Lindsey Gordon Director of Communications

Lindsey Gordon is the Director of Communications and video producer at PropLogix. She loves using video and digital media to help educate the title industry and help clients and give the world a glimpse of what it’s like to work at PropLogix.