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We sued an association for a $250 refund & now they owe nearly $7,000
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We sued an association for a $250 refund & now they owe nearly $7,000

Lindsey Gordon

Many of you may remember how PropLogix went toe-to-toe with a condo association a while back.

A little backstory, if you’re not familiar, or need a refresher: In October 2016, we ordered an estoppel from the Villas at Emerald Lakes Condominium association on behalf of our client.

Shortly thereafter, the client notified us the deal was cancelled and sent us the cancellation of contract, which we forwarded on to the association along with a request for a refund. The association is compelled by Florida law to issue a refund if provided a cancellation of contract within 30 days of the original closing date.

After sending two separate requests for a refund, we decided to bring legal action against the association and a judge ruled in our favor. Where we left you last in this story was with a judgment that required the association to pay back our $250 estoppel fee, plus court and attorney’s fees. At that time, the association was required to cough up $3,294. We thought that was the end of it, but the association was not cooperative and our attorneys had to pursue collections action.

Over a year-and-a-half later, the case has finally come to a resolution. Unfortunately, it resulted in the association being responsible for nearly $7,000 in fees. Only $250 of that cost is the original estoppel refund (which we just received!), the rest is for legal fees.

It’s also important to note that we had already reimbursed our clients long ago for the estoppel fee. Of course, this wasn’t about getting $250 back in our pockets, and we’re not getting rich off this. It was really about all those title agents out there who have deals fall through and request refunds that are unlawfully refused. We did it for the ones who don’t have the time or resources to hold the associations accountable like we do. We did it for people like you.


Lindsey Gordon Director of Communications

Lindsey Gordon is the Director of Communications and video producer at PropLogix. She loves using video and digital media to help educate the title industry and help clients and give the world a glimpse of what it’s like to work at PropLogix.