Ep. 18 Using Dropbox to Improve Real Estate Transactions

Ep. 18 Using Dropbox to Improve Real Estate Transactions


While at the 2019 Rewired Conference in Miami, Amanda sat down with Alex Rountree, a tech advocate at Dropbox. Alex’s job is to help businesses identify ways they can eliminate “work about work” with secure file-sharing sharing and team solutions from Dropbox. He shares his insight on how the real estate transaction process can benefit.

“I have worked in offices that have fax machines, and they are not secure.” - Alex Rountree, Industry Principal at Dropbox


Key topics in this episode:

  • How Dropbox can be implemented into a title company’s workflow (1:20).
  • Data security controls (2:55).
  • Business use cases (4:00).
  • Alex shares his real estate closing experience with antiquated technology (8:07).
  • Taking a customer-first approach in business and changing demographics (14:37).

Resources mentioned in this episode and suggested reading:

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Guest: Alex Rountree of Dropbox
Host: Amanda Farrell of PropLogix

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