Ep. 2 Growing Your Title Company with Guest Jason Somers

Ep. 2 Growing Your Title Company with Guest Jason Somers


Host Amanda Farrell chats with title expert, Jason Somers, of Landcastle Title Group last summer. They covered everything from growing your title company with a variable cost model, the issue of wire fraud, Florida’s housing needs, and introducing millennials to title insurance.

"My biggest advice is that you need to really look at your metrics." Jason Somers, Landcastle Title Group


Key topics in this episode:

  • The housing market in Florida and the nation (1:15).
  • Important metrics to be tracking (2:20).
  • When does it make sense to outsource title production? (4:20).
  • Why title agents shouldn’t worry about recession talk (6:45).
  • Millennial homebuyer demand (8:18).
  • Educating consumers about title insurance (12:45).
  • Wire fraud (17:00).

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Guest: Jason Somers of Landcastle Title Group
Host: Amanda Farrell of PropLogix

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