Ep. 23 What Happens to a Mortgage After Closing?
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Ep. 23 What Happens to a Mortgage After Closing?


We’re kicking off our second season with our very own Ayla Pettyjohn! She’s the team lead for our Release Tracking and Title Curative Departments. In this episode of Title Talks, we discuss what happens to all the paperwork you sign after a real estate closing and how one small error can lead to a big problem. It’s her job to help title agents fix and prevent title defects. Ayla has worked extensively on the title and mortgage side of the transaction, and she has some important tips for title agents, real estate agents, and homeowners. Listen now to learn more about pre-and post-closing due diligence.


"People were going home to work [at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic]… a lot of folks didn’t have preparation in place to do this. It created a lot of delays with being able to search through records and access files." - Ayla Pettyjohn


Key topics in this episode: 

  • What happens after closing (2:40). 
  • Different ways of paying off a mortgage (14:40). 
  • How COVID-19 has impacted release tracking and title curative work (23:25). 
  • Using the public record, MERS, and title plants for research (30:50). 
  • Other research systems Ayla uses (33:14). 
  • Final tips (37:08). 


Resources mentioned in this episode and other suggested reading: 


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Guest: Ayla Pettyjohn of PropLogix

Host: Amanda Farrell of PropLogix

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