Ep 27: What to do After a Merger or Acquisition
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Ep 27: What to do After a Merger or Acquisition

Amanda Farrell


The decision of selling your title company is a big one and a choice not to be taken lightly. But once the deal goes through, the work is not over; it’s really just begun. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the selling or buying side, there are steps you can take after a merger or acquisition to minimize employee turnover and maximize an effective and smooth transition. The founders of Title Success Solutions, Patrick Smith and Marcus Hunt, help title company owners with the arduous work of planning to sell their company, and they’re sharing their time-tested wisdom on what works and doesn’t work and how the selling owner can play a crucial role before during and after.



"The previous owner and the new owner can be the biggest players involved in making sure the transition really is successful." Marcus Hunt of Title Success Solutions


Key topics in this episode: 

  • Finding your “Why” for transitioning or selling your company (5:00)
  • Beginning the planning process for a merger or acquisition (7:39)
  • What happens after the transition of ownership (11:29)
  • How to prepare for a takeover when company cultures clash (22:30)
  • How to make sure your employees are taken care of after the transition (32:29)
  • What happens when downsizing is necessary (39:32)
  • Plan, execute, measure, and correct to track success (43:00)

Resources and suggested reading: 


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Guests: Patrick Smith and Marcus Hunt of Title Success Solutions
Host: Amanda Farrell of PropLogix

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