Ep. 30: How to Talk to Homebuyers about Title Insurance
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Ep. 30: How to Talk to Homebuyers about Title Insurance


Consumer habits are changing, and professionals in every industry are re-evaluating how they interact and educate buyers. The title industry has struggled to communicate its value directly to consumers, relying more on relationships with realtors and lenders involved in the transaction. But some title professionals are rethinking how to navigate those conversations with home buyers and sellers. 

I spoke with Linda Grahovec from the FNF Family of Companies and Andi Bolin from Stewart Title Company, two title industry experts in education and marketing strategy. We discuss their involvement in the American Land Title Association’s Homeowner Outreach Program, the tools and materials to educate people on title insurance, and how agents can take more control over important conversations with consumers.


" You don't have an Amazon return policy with a home." - Linda Grahovec, National Agency Director of Education & Marketing Strategy


Key topics in this episode:

  • The value of the Homeowner Outreach Program (1:54)
  • Describing the title agent’s role (5:05)
  • “Bite, Snack, Meal” (7:14)
  • New ways of educating the consumer with digital marketing (8:45)
  • The first conversation to have with new customers (13:00)
  • Leading the education on title insurance with your Realtor partners (15:28)
  • Avoiding post-closing consumer scams (21:15)
  • Should buyers waive contingencies to win a bid? (22:52)
  • Strategies to deter wire fraud (30:03)
  • What consumers need to know after closing (38:20)


Resources and suggested reading:


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Guest: Linda Grahovec and Andi Bolin
Host: Amanda Farrell of PropLogix

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