Ep. 32: The Personality Traits That Spell Success in the Title Industry
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Ep. 32: The Personality Traits That Spell Success in the Title Industry


Long before the Great Resignation, the title industry was struggling to find new talent to fill roles. With an aging workforce taking all their experience and knowledge into retirement, there’s been a scramble for the last several years to find ways to fill vacancies left by those who just “fell into title” and made a life-long career of it.

Florida underwriting counsel, Lindsay Hall Harrison, would say that we need to be more intentional about bringing fresh faces to the business and has made it part of her mission to introduce new people to the world of title insurance because she loves it so much. She says rather than perpetually stealing employees from one company or another, as they do the same to you, the answer to our dilemma is to seek the right candidates outside the industry. However, it’s important to identify specific personality traits that you can look for that will help you determine if a candidate will not only be successful but also fall in love with it and stick around.

In this episode, Amanda chats with two guests, Lindsay Hall Harrison and PropLogix HR and recruiting specialist, Jennifer Niccolai, to learn the skillsets and personality traits that will make a candidate successful in the title insurance industry.


Interview times in this episode: 

  • :40 – Interview with Lindsay Hall Harrison
  • 14:15 – Interview with Jennifer Niccolai




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Guest #1: Lindsay Hall Harrison of Stewart Title
Guest # 2: Jennifer Niccolai of PropLogix
Host: Amanda Farrell of PropLogix


"And even though all of us are in some way competitors with each other I never feel that competition overrides the fundamental values of what we do and I think that that's really special." Lindsay Hall Harrison