Ep. 33: AI in the Title Industry with Hoyt Mann
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Ep. 33: AI in the Title Industry with Hoyt Mann


Alanna.ai is a virtual closing assistant aimed to enhance the customer experience for title companies, but is your business ready to take the leap to artificial intelligence? In this episode, Amanda is joined by Alanna.ai president, Hoyt Mann, and he shares how AI can not only make that customer experience better but also relieve duties from your overburdened staff in busy times to make your operations more efficient.


"I don't advise people to adopt technology for the sake of adopting technology. If you have a problem, and there's a technology solution, get that solution to solve your problem." Hoyt Mann


Key Topics in this Episode: 

  • 3:48 – Hoyt’s background in technology and customer service
  • 9:15 – Unique customer service challenges for title agents
  • 13:37 – How Alanna helps with communication and title operations
  • 19:38 – Webchats vs. virtual assistants
  • 24:23 – Checklist to integrate a virtual assistant into your title company
  • 28:27 – Real-time translation
  • 32:20 – Addressing cybersecurity concerns
  • 36:00 – Tips for evaluating software




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Guest: Hoyt Mann, President & Co-Founder of Alanna.ai
Host: Amanda Farrell of PropLogix

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