Ep. 37: How to Have Better Interactions with HOAs
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Ep. 37: How to Have Better Interactions with HOAs

We understand that homeowner’s associations can be a divisive topic. Whether you love them or dislike them when your deal involves a property that’s governed by one (or multiple) HOAs, things can get complicated. You need that estoppel letter, status letter, or resale certificate to close, and sometimes this one request can be the difference between closing on time and getting set back. Walking into the process blindly can be one of the toughest parts of the transaction and ensuring success is about knowing how to approach an association or management company and also knowing what to ask for.

Our guests in this episode are Christin McCluney and Steven Craig, from PropLogix, who between them have more than 8 years of working closely with thousands of associations. They have lived and breathed estoppel letters and pretty much seen it all. They’re sharing their hard-won strategies for making requests from associations in hopes that you’ll be able to avoid trouble and keep your clients happy and closing on time.

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Guests: Steven Craig, Operations Manager (PropLogix), and Christin McCluney, Florida Estoppels Supervisor

Host: Lindsey Gordon of PropLogix