Ep. 38: How We Built the PropLogix Brand
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Ep. 38: How We Built the PropLogix Brand

When it comes to building a brand, there’s no magic bullet. And while a brand can mean the physical assets like a logo, or colors — there’s so much more to it. If you want to create the kind of brand that intrigues prospects and keeps customers coming back, you’ll want to look far beyond the little things and set up foundational strategies in your business that ensure your brand is consistent at every touch point for your prospects, customers, and partners. We believe these four things were vital to building the reputation PropLogix has today:

  • A great first impression
    • This includes your visible brand like logo, font, and website — as well as boots-on-the-ground events and tradeshows
  • Content marketing and education
    • This includes helpful education for your audience that you offer without asking for anything in return. This can include graphics, whitepapers, blogs, a podcast, webinars, and CE/CLE courses.
  • Outstanding customer service
    • The important thing here is open and easy communication! Provide options for support for your customers between the ability to call, email, text, or get the information they need online on their own time and keeping all response times to a minimum. It also includes regularly asking for feedback and working to improve on those suggestions you do receive.
  • Focus on employee happiness
    • Treating your employees well means they’ll serve your customers better and stick around longer. Where can you provide clarity on your company mission and transparency on your road to get there? Can you offer flexible working options?
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Guests: Jesse Biter – PropLogix Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, and Becky Tassell – PropLogix Chief Marketing Officer

Host: Lindsey Gordon of PropLogix